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飛騨高山陣屋近くの銭湯 ゆうとぴあ稲荷湯

Autumn has come ….

2014年10月16日 | English Column

The shrine near Our Spa, Yutopia has two big ginkgo trees. 

We don’t know the age of them.
There were big and tall from my father’s childhood time. 
The tree is turning to yellower as the whether gets color these days. 
(Can you see little yellow color in this photo?)
As our Takayama city is lcoated on higher altitude, autumn comes one month earlier than 

other cities in Japan and spring comes one month later. 
Today, it was only 6 degrees in the morning 15 degrees in the day.

As it was cooler today, there were many elodery people in the towns walk by or drive their cars to come to our place. They all seemed to wish to soak in a hot steaming bath.
It is nice to see that upon their returns to home, their faces all look happy and all flushed by our hot spa.