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飛騨高山陣屋近くの銭湯 ゆうとぴあ稲荷湯

Our spa store sign

2014年10月11日 | English Column

Many years ago, when we renewed our spa, we built a new sign as well.

I wanted to display some English sentences in the sign for foreign customers.

“Ah, ii yu datta!”  (Literal translation is Ah, it was a very nice hot spa …  )

I wanted to include this setence in English as it is the most typical phrase Japanese people make after taking a hot bath.
I gave thoughts on how to translate this remark well however could not find a right one.

It was very refreshing?
It was nice to take a hot bath?

I asked this to my old school friend who relocated back to Japan recently from US.

His answer was “there is no such expression as there is no custom in US to soak in a hot spa like
Japanese people do everyday … “

I searched with dictionary by looking at words like Furo(hot bath), etc and interestingly I found 
the exact sentence of it as one of an example. 

It said what we display in our sign today. 

Can you read this in these pictures?

“A hot bath is a great refreshment after a day’s work.”

I assume it concretly explains the situation as there is not exact translation of this expression.

Japanese people work hard and at night they take a bath and give this remark.
It depicts true refreshed feeling and appreciation of hot relaxing bath … 
Our city was awarded top stars from Michelin Guide as “must visit Japanese trourist spots”.
(Same rank as Kyoto!)

Since then, not only visitors from US, but many European visitors and Asian visitors are increasing
and so as our hot spa store.

I hope that all visitors read/recognize this message and enjoy the time with our place.

We are looking forward to your visits.
Thank you!